How to Teach Students, Not Just Lessons

Kristi Rosengreen teaches English to students in China with Read With You. Her preparation really focuses on each student and what they need. As teachers, we can try to reach students where they are and teach each individual, not just teach lessons.

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About Kristi

Kristi is a navy wife and mom of 2 boys. She loves crafting and is a volunteer in many capacities.

She studied early childhood education and history.

Kristi started her own preschool for 8 years and has a small vinyls business.

She has been teaching English with Read With You for 3 years.

Starting with Read With You

A friend sent her a message about Read With You and she thought it would be a fun change from preschool.

It really appealed to her that she could teach in her home.

The opportunity to teach has given her the ability to bring her own creativity to her lessons.

She loves helping the students have a real learning experience.

Creative Lesson Planning