How to Teach Kids to Love Reading

Lexie Austin has always loved books and reading. She knows what it takes to help kids to learn to love reading and to engage more with books.

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About Lexie

Started volunteering in libraries at age 13.

She spent her time at BYU studying in the library.

After graduation, she started working in libraries.

Her masters degree from Texas Women's University has a specialty in library services.

Lexie worked in a middle school library and worked to try to get kids engaged in books and interested in reading.

Her job was as a library media specialist. Part of her job was working with kids with technology.

Work in School Libraries

Currently, she works with kids in a Title One School.

All the kids have a laptop they are able to use.

She focuses on the basics, like teaching kids to type and use a mouse.

Kids there face challenges like food insecurity, family issues, drugs, where they will sleep tonight.

Lexie works hard to be a calming influence. She tries to be a steady and secure place for the kids and works hard to establish relationships with them.