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Read With You adds ¿Quién Soy? to Spanish collection 

CHICAGO  June 5, 2018 --Read With You continues to publish strong materials for young readers and language enthusiasts around the world.

The series entitled ¿Quién Soy? is an excellent series for children wanting to incorporate some game playing into their reading experience.  The monolingual Spanish series is based on a set of riddles children can solve while learning fascinating facts about animals they may already be familiar with and others they may 
not have previously known.  

For example, did you know a dolphin sleeps with one eye open and a

jellyfish doesn't have a brain?  

Read With You's ¿Quién Soy?  series encourages children to be more

curious about the world around them as they learn fun facts about

animals from across the globe.

Read With You continúa publicando materiales para lectores jóvenes y

entusiastas de idiomas de todos partes del mundo.

La serie titulada ¿Quién Soy? es una serie excelente para los niños que

desean incorporar algo del juego en su experiencia de lectura. La serie

se basa en un groupo de acertijos y adivinanzas que los niños pueden resolver mientras aprenden hechos fascinantes sobre animales con los que quizás ya estén familiarizados y otros que quizás no conocían previamente.

Por ejemplo, ¿sabías que un delfín duerme con un ojo abierto y una medusa no tiene cerebro?

¿Quién Soy? es un serie de Read With You que anima a los niños a ser más curiosos sobre el mundo que los rodea a medida que aprenden hechos divertidos sobre animales de todos partes del mundo.

Read With You invites submissions to the American Language Journal

CHICAGO  February 1, 2018 – The Read With You Center for Language Research and Development is inviting submissions for their Spring 2018 issue of the American Language Journal


The journal will feature research articles related to language use and education in North, Central, and South America.  As such, articles will be accepted in a number of languages, including (although certainly not limited to) English, Spanish, Navajo, and Mayangna, provided a translated copy (in English) may also be included alongside the original.


A number of topics and fields of study will be considered as long as the research is empirically driven and strengthens our understanding of language use and education in the Americas.

To submit an abstract for consideration, please email the abstract as a Microsoft Word document or PDF to






Accessing the American Language Journal Online


To gain access the online journal, including past issues, you can sign up on the Read With You website here.


To receive a hard copy, please visit here


Authors of published works will receive a hard copy of the issue containing their work free of charge.


American Language Journal Call for Papers


The American Language Journal invites your submissions for the March 2018 issue.


Deadline for submission: Sunday, March 25, 2018, 11:59 PM EST


Submissions in the 2000-8000 word range will be considered, with a focus on linguistics and literature, second language education, Native language education, heritage language education, computer-assisted language learning (CALL), language policy, and applied linguistics.  There is no preference for any particular academic subject, and all papers will be peer-reviewed.


We would be happy to discuss your submission if you have questions.  Please submit any question, abstract, or article to


The American Language Journal publishes three times a year -- in March, July, and November -- in hard copy and online.



Read With You Announces Curriculum Release


Book Cover

CHICAGO November 29, 2017 – Read With You has released its Fall 2017 curriculum set, available now on Amazon.  Read With You is an international education company whose ESL division has chosen to create authentic texts of the highest quality for inclusion in their curriculum.  

Over the past year, the team within the Read With You Center for Language Research and Development has created a unique set of books that will be used to teach literacy to native speakers along with many different language skills to non-native speakers of English.  They are designed to be fun and encouraging stories that can stand along with no purpose beyond entertainment, as well.  These books have been written in a way that achieves high-level literary content while meeting the linguistic demands of a strong language program.  To meet this goal, Read With You collaborated with linguists, educators, authors, artists, and designers to develop valuable, engaging stories.

These books are authentic texts that are written by native speakers of English that

accurately demonstrate daily use of English.  They can be used to teach readers literacy basics, such as how to blend sounds, as well as elements of advanced writing, such as use of metaphors and similes to convey meaning.  Each book includes a short parents’ guide which provides the scaffolding for ESL students to understand the story more clearly.  Native readers can use the parents’ guide to practice some language fundamentals in a fun and entertaining manner.  


A team of illustrators have created engaging and intricate illustrations that not only depict the story but extend the meaning of the text even further.  These illustrations support the linguistic features introduced by the text which provides opportunities to move the language focus from reception to practice and articulation through discussion.


Read With You presented the books at the Shanghai Book Fair earlier this month.  The books enhanced the excitement of many who have waited with great anticipation to see the new products.  The company will continue development of the series throughout 2018.


You can access the books on Amazon or read more about them on our website




Interested in working on the Read With You team?  Please send your resume to or Contact Us.  


Read With You Sponsors 2017 Audio Donation to Blind Community

BEIJING October 11, 2017 -- Read With You has announced today that they will partner with The Beijing Hong Dan Dan Education and Culture Exchange Center to create audio materials for blind members of the Hong Dan Dan community.


The center is dedicated to edu-cultural communication and training for individuals with disabilities.  Read With You shares in the value of creating culturally-driven communication.  As such, Read With You has partnered with Hong Dan Dan to receive training on effective communication with blind community members.  Additionally, Read With You met with the members of Hong Dan Dan to establish and learn how the company can best meet the community’s needs.


Read With You has passed along training to teachers and students to create needed audio materials for Hong Dan Dan members.  Teachers have donated their time to coach students in the creation of these materials.  The company then invited students who qualified to donate their voice to this project.  The materials include book audio along with descriptions of illustrations.  Descriptions of visuals are approached as per culturally-driven training designed by community members.


Hong Dan Dan is a non-profit organization, established in 2003, that operates under the philosophy of “Teach a Man to Fish.”  They work with blind individuals to equip and prepare themselves for future careers.  They’ve dedicated their mission to boosting employment opportunities, providing social events, and further preparing disabled individuals to succeed in mainstream society.  They have particularly focused on providing technology training in media production.


As World Sight Day approaches, Read With You is excited to partner with such a meaningful institution in collaboration on this project.  They invite others to seek out opportunities to strengthen each other within our global community.  Together, we reach greater heights.

Interested in working on the Read With You team?  Please send your resume to or Contact Us.  

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