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How To Use Holistic Education In The Classroom

Holistic education means treating the student as a whole person and recognizing that they have a life outside the classroom. When teachers can incorporate and be empathetic to students lives before and after school, they will connect with students on a deeper level and be able to teach them even more.

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About Evan

Evan is a credentialed social studies teacher.

He worked in special education, mainly with kids with emotional disabilities.

Evan enjoys mindfulness and mediation and has brought that into his classroom.

Holistic Education

Holistic Education means treating the person as a whole.

We need to pay attention to what's going on outside the classroom.

Look for ways to integrate the approach- connect on a deeper level.

Holistic Education takes a lot of work.

Get to know your students personally. Design the classroom so it's open and conducive to sharing.

Providing a sage, open environment is key.

Allow the students to express themselves- do activities that bring out their creative side and their explorative side.

Build a community foundation.

Tips for the Classroom

Give the students choices on how they would like to present or display what they've learned.

Let them take ownership of what they've learned.

Learn what your students are good at, play to their strengths.

It's about exploration.

There is room for growth and this mindset in every lesson plan.

The most important thing is to give students opportunities to explore what they love.

It lets them feel independent, take autonomy of their learning.

More communcation, students are willing to take risks.

sets students up for success, help them engage.

Help them understand what's relevant in their lives, engages students.

Begin to explore how holistic education works for you.

Help create better communication, makes deeper connections with students.

Don't be afraid to take risks, its a journey!

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