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How to Use Arts Integration in the Classroom

Arts integration is pairing art with other subjects. While many teachers dabble in it, more intentional use of arts integration will allow more students to engage and learn the material in a deeper way, while learning art at the same time. Arts integration is a way to get more art into schools while teaching core curriculum at the same time.

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About Hannah

Hannah studded theater education and planned to teach high school theater.

Her theater company went to classrooms to teach.

Arts integration combines an art form and other subject.

May teachers dabble in it.

What makes art integration is if both subjects have standards of their own.

Art forms have developmental standards.

Bring arts deeper into the experience of learning.

The two subjects are fully weighted.


Reading books in English can be adapted into a play.

Kids will learn how to write and learn how to act it out.

Dance and Language can be combined-

Count syllables with movement

Connect with the learning physically

Visual arts and math can be turned into arts integration.

Ratios can be taught using a photo of themselves and kids transfer it to another size. They are learning to measure and using math as well as art standards.

There are many creative and unique pairings.


Arts education has so many benefits.

Arts integration deepens understanding- it helps students learn and then create with the information.

Arts integration is a great way to get art into the classroom.

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