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How to Teach Kids to See Themselves with Compassion

Many kids are struggling with depression and anxiety. All of us can help by connecting through authenticity and reaching out to others. When we teach kids to see themselves and their imperfections with compassion, we can help them to accept themselves. Author Julie Lee has written about this in her fabulous book, Broccolipunzle. It will help children and adults alike to learn self acceptance.

Listen to the podcast here:

About Julie

Julie is married with 2 kids and taught 2nd grade.

She wrote a story in college; her husband had it illustrated for her.

It's a fairytale about self acceptance.

In her own life, she had PTSD, anxiety, depression. She realized later that her book is a story about herself.

Julie hosts a podcast about compassion.


Fun story for kids, but has the underlying theme of self acceptance.

The story is about a princess born with broccoli for hair.

She is frustrated by it. A fairy godmother comes and offers to change it for her but she has to wait 24 hours.

During that 24 hours, she helps a lot of people.

When the fairy godmother returns, she decides to keep her hair because it could help others.

Her attitude changes because it benefits others.

What makes you different makes you powerful.

Share Your Story

Julie says her own greatest challenge and struggle in her life allows her to help other people.

Authenticity, compassion and connection save lives.

To heal, we have to own our stories.

We have to help kids have tools of mindfulness and negative emotions.

Let kids know it's okay to feel upset.

When you have felt pain, you can feel a greater amount of peace.

Be okay with negative emotions.

Let kids explain emotions without restriction.

Self Acceptance

Because Julie had a hard time accepting herself, she feels passionate about helping others feel seen.

She has used the things she hated about herself to help others.

There were people who helped her see who she was.

Self acceptance is transformational.

Teach kids to love themselves.

Tools to Help Kids

  • Mantras kids can say to themselves

  • Meditation

  • Connecting to God/ Universe

  • Believe life has a purpose

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