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Philosophy of Education at Read With You

At Read With You, we understand the impact that literacy can have on an individual and a community.  Reading is a great tool that has endless applications and cultural implications.  Reading changes lives and opens doors that are otherwise not readily accessible.  We have seen this.  We want to enhance this power.  As such, we have created an English program based on literature.  Not only do we strive for excellence in English education, we want to work with students to forge life-long reading habits.

Our current educational focus is English as a Second Language (ESL).  We strive to teach this subject matter in a practical way.  By combining literature and linguistics, we provide quality feedback and instruction delivered through lessons that teach valuable, practical, and transferable skills.  By using technology, we overcome many obstacles such as geographic, physical barriers that restrict experts from being in contact with those seeking the light of their knowledge.

Our ultimate goal is to connect knowledgeable people with those in need of their knowledge.  However, we believe this goes beyond the initial teacher-student relationship.  We work with students to instill a sense of responsibility to the community that they may take their knowledge and spread it further.  Knowledge is a flame that has been lit on a wick by those before us.  By spreading knowledge, one lets others light their candles in our flame.  Together, we endeavor to pass along our knowledge and shine our light throughout the world.

Role of the Teacher

At Read With You, our teachers are dedicated individuals who believe in the cause described above.  They are highly respected with greatly valuable expertise and the skill to transfer their knowledge on in meaningful ways.  They conduct lessons professionally and are able to create a true online classroom.  They understand the responsibility that the students have accepted and, as such, are very respectful to their students by being prepared, punctual, and invested in their students’ lives.


Since we teach immersive ESL online, one approach heavily utilized by teachers is total physical response (TPR).  TPR is an effective means of communicating in a foreign language to low-level students.  Combining gestures with spoken words ensures that meaning will get across regardless of language background.  Jumping up to demonstrate a new vocabulary word and asking the student to do the same has proven to be a great way to encourage student involvement while ensuring that the meaning is conveyed accurately.


Our teachers are hired for their expertise and ability to disseminate that knowledge in a passionate way.  "The love of reading is more caught than taught…" as Jim Trelease said.  Read With You has been built on a strong foundation by individuals who passionately believe in our ability to make a difference.  This passion is contagious.  Our teachers convey the happiness and excitement felt by motivated individuals doing work they believe in. Read With You succeeds because our teachers are strong.


Head over to the Contact Us page if you are interested in becoming a Read With You teacher.

Role of the Student

At Read With You, the student plays a critical role in the educational experience.  The knowledge transferred from the expert (i.e., the teacher) to the student will not end there.  The student shoulders the responsibility to pass on their knowledge to others less fortunate who do not have the same opportunities they have.  At the end of their contract term, the student agrees to volunteer in underprivileged areas to teach what they have learned and to come alongside other students to support their education.  As such, the student must not only learn the target material but also how to work with others and offer guidance as a student-mentor. 

In order to accomplish this goal, the student must enter lessons seriously.  We are an exclusive company; we will not accept every student who applies.  They must meet our expectation of commitment to their responsibility.  They must enter lessons with intent to practice and make continual progress in their study of the subject matter as well as their ability to teach the subject matter to others.

Becoming a Teacher

To become a teacher at Read With You, please Contact Us to share your resume.  We look forward to meeting you! 

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