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How to Help Kids Launch into a Successful Adulthood

If we want our kids to launch successfully as they leave high school and home, we need to equip them with tools and skills that will get them there. In this episode, Scott Holman walks us through what it takes to help our kids transition from childhood to adulthood.

Listen to the podcast here:

About Scott

Raised Christian. His dad was a Vietnam vet with PTSD and struggled to keep a job.

Parents defaulted to the school system to teach him what he needed to know.

Scott graduated with an MBA but realized along the way that schools are not preparing kids for the future.

The Legacy Launch

It must involve parents.

Parents need to teach a lot of skill sets.

Rocket launch- the design of a rocket teaches these concepts.

Rocket engine has to be fueled- we all have potential.

Rockets can have fuel but won't launch without an oxidizer.

It takes both purpose and potential to help people launch.

Set goals- analyze where you're at, understanding the process.

Wings or Fins create stability. Three fins have to be maintained.

The three fins are:



Financial Principles

All three have to be maintained.

You can't focus on only one area.

Understanding our Purpose

We struggle to understand our purpose.

Awareness of why we're here and values (taught by parents)=ready to launch.

Greatest amount of fuel is used in the rocket launch.

Remember that it's hard! Our role as parents is to let them know it's hard.

Creating Goals

Importance of the process.

Ask: How are you going to get there?

Where are you now?

What are your daily action steps?

Tips for Parents

Fear of failure keeps us from moving forward.

Rocket are never on course.

Parents go into mission control.

Parents are the best teachers!

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