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Read With You Contributor Spotlight: Samuel Nelson

Get to know the star talents that strengthen the Read With You Publishing team.

Samuel Nelson

Writer, Illustrator

Samuel Nelson has been a part of the Read With You curriculum development team since 2018. His contributions have included both illustrative work and series development through his writing. He graduated with a degree in English and creative writing from Purdue University. He has applied his great skill to creating new worlds that children around the world enjoy each day.


Sam’s skill with the written word is evident through his very clever use of language. He has found a way to incorporate play on words and literary devices to demonstrate the flexibility and creativity of the English language. Due to his incorporation of engaging detail, he creates unique and loveable characters within a complex, beautiful new world. Sam’s use of humor and silly details will lead to fun discussions full of smiles and laughter. You will be hard pressed to read any of his stories without laughing out loud.

His passion for culture is tangible through his melding of folklore with fantasy. By intentionally breaking the rules and tropes of traditional characters, Sam encourages his readers to challenge their prejudice and expectations. In the Gned the Gnome series for Level 6 readers, you will meet an unlucky leprechaun, a young gnome, a land-dwelling merman, kind goblins, evil elves, and studious dwarves. This unique take on traditional characters is one that will stick with you long after you put the book down.

Each of Sam’s books are filled with powerful and heartwarming messages of friendship, the importance of family and home, our need for community, and having the courage to do the right thing.


Storytelling is a skill in which many engage but a select few truly stand out. We are lucky enough to have a team of truly stand-out storytellers. Through illustration, Sam engages readers on a new level. Whether it be through creating beautiful new worlds or bringing old ones to life, Sam’s artwork makes every story he touches spring to colorful life. Within his illustrations are many details that will tickle a reader and encourage them to flip through the pages in double-take fashion. His use of humor is not restricted to his verbal storytelling, but his illustrations also capture his remarkable sense of humor. Have you ever read about cuneiform and the Code of Hammurabi in a way that felt visually applicable to our modern world? Check out Mesopotamia is Magnificent to see how Sam brought the ancient world to life for Level 5 readers.

At Read With You, we are very proud of Sam Nelson’s contributions. His books are popular among reader in North America, Europe, and Asia. His works will continue to impact children, teaching them the joy of language play, the magic of visual art, and encouraging lifelong reading habits.


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