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The Best Way to Teach Kids a Second Language

Michael Young is able to use his German daily in his second grade classroom—in Utah. In fact, that's the only language he can use. In this great episode about dual language immersion, Michael talks about what is needed to run a language program and successfully teach kids a second language.

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About Michael Young

Michael is a teacher and instructional designer. He studied German and currently teaches second grade dual language immersion.

In their school district, six different language programs are taught.

Language learning opens so many doors.

Dual Language Immersion

There is a content objective and a language objective.

Teachers have to teach in a very visual way and provide comprehensible input.

It is helpful to use video, audio, acting out and support content.

When he is teaching, he can't speak any English.

The kids have a 50/50 split to their days, with half in English and half in German.

The program starts in first grade.

Tips for Teaching


Use lists: prioritize what students need to do in order of importance.

Give them some freedom.

With DLI, it's important to get them talking.

Create an environment where kids feel safe.

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