Secrets from the Past that will Enhance Education

Issac Calvert teaches History of Education and in this great episode, he goes deep, teaching us about different cultures and what we can learn from them and use in our modern classrooms.

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About Issac

Issac was a music major undergrad.

He was passionate about education. He worked with good musicians but not a lot of great teachers.

He studied psychology and did further studies in Philosophy of Education and Religion.

Issac Calvert is a professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

He teaches History of Education.

Reading and Language through History

Orthodox Jews teach that teaching is a sacred act.

One of the most important in ancient Egypt is writing.

The word hieroglyphics translates to holy carving.

Egyptians believed the ability to write had been given by the gods.

They believed they would live forever through their writings.

Sanskrit is the language from ancient India, meaning "Assembly of the holy ones."

In Norse mythology Odin is an all-seeing powerful God, has everything but can't read. He travels and finds a well. If he can drink from it, he will know how to read, but he must sacrifice in order to do so. He plucks out his eye and gives it as a sacrifice so that he can read.