How to Help Kids Become Better Writers

Writing comes more naturally to some than to others. When we can teach our kids, not just the mechanics of writing, but how to get their thoughts and feelings out on paper, creativity will flow and their voice will be captured on the page. Jessica Wolf helps students to write, including writing college essays.

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About Jessica

She now writes short stories and personal essays.


Personal essays are what college applications are all about. Jessica knows the pitfalls and the ways we psych ourselves out about writing.

Jessica has been involved with the Amherst method group, bringing a group writing experience to under-served communities.

She took the method to middle school kids and started running creative writing groups there.

Getting Started with Writing

Would-be writers often struggle with mechanics, but in the methodology she teaches, they don't pay attention to that.

Jessica suggest that students write by hand, and tells her students no one else will read it. This allows a level of calm and creativity and makes it powerful.

This helps them find their voice and creates a space that allows them to be who they are, as well as creating confidence.

College essays