How to Be Intentional With Children's Education

Susan Tatsui-D'Arcy is the founder of Merit Academy, an accredited K-12 private school. She designed the curriculum starting in 12th grade and then worked backwards. By figuring out what a child needs to know and prepare for at the end of their educational career, they move through curriculum intentionally, learning what they need to learn.

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Tell us about your background and education.

*** Masters Degree in Educational Administration

*** Director and founder of Merit Educational Consultants (Parent company for Merit Academy, College Advisory, and ProjectMerit)

*** 2 grown daughters: Nicole (35 years) ER doctor and EMS director (Stanford and Stanford Med School)

Jaclyn (30 years) MBA Kellogg School of Management and working in Chicago

Susan is the California American Mother of the Year. What are your platforms for families and children?

.*** My platform for Mother of the Year has been to promote fire prevention. I have developed an online form for residents to complete that includes vital information (location of electric/gas meters, fuel tanks, disabled family members, indoor pets, large animals, power tools, EMS training, etc) that goes directly to the local fire department,.

This can act like a reverse 9-1-1 for EMS and firefighters to get information to residents in an evacuation or other emergency. I plan to make the available to the state of California, and then in the future, to the USA. I have also made several YouTube videos to help moms prepare for disasters with GoBags and other tips. See:

*** Another platform: Free Child Care in Your HomeWhen my children were babies, I set up a small preschool program in my home and invited 3 other children to join them. My girls learned to read by the time they were 3 years old and they were top in the class all the way to college. I got to choose my teachers, students, and curriculum, and the parents paid a tuition that covered the cost of the program. I