How to Help Kids Love Reading

Tess O'Driscoll loves books, and she wants to share that love with the kids she knows. In the classroom and in her home, books have become a focus. Through stories, she is able to teach her students more than just vocabulary and grammar--she teaches them to love reading. This one simple strategy improved reading levels and created kids who love reading.

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About Tess

Tess O'Driscoll taught Pre-K for 10 years. She taught in 3rd and 4th grade before coming home to be a mom to her three boys.

In her classroom, she had a high focus on books.

Tess now teaches social media to others building an online business.

When she was younger, she went through a traumatic time.

Her Grandpa introduced her to Harry Potter.

She fell in love, because she could be in the story. She learned life skills and how to get

through difficult times.


As a Pre-K teacher, she constantly introduced books.

They used books in each unit.

She would spend at least an hour reading aloud and taught her lessons through books.

Kids can connect to stories on a deeper level.