How to Speed Up Your Reading

Faster reading with better comprehension will allow you to learn--and retain--more in less time. We are surrounded by information and much of it comes to us through reading. The more we can improve our reading, the better off we will be. Kam Knight shares great tips on how to instantly speed read with good comprehension.

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Speed Reading

Speed reading is the ability to read faster and understand more

Misconceptions about speed reading are that it reduces memory and reduces comprehension.

When speed reading is done with the right approach, it can improve comprehension.

Speed reading is especially useful in the information age. So much information is generated. We need to understand and apply it. Reading quickly can help us to do so.


1. Space Reading

Quickly improve speed and comprehension.

Eyes and mind have the ability to precess information fast. When you look around, you can process things so quickly. Our eyes instantly detect and simultaneously understand.

Space reading means you look at the space between the words.