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How to Increase Your Memory Power

Kam Knight is an expert on improving memory and concentration. His work focuses on principles so that we will be better able to learn and apply the techniques. This episode is packed with great information for students our any one who wants to increase their mental performance.

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About Kam

Kam Knight decided to take the CPA exam, knowing that it had a pass rate of only 15%.

He knew that if he could learn memory and study techniques that would increase his chances of passing the test.

He learned that intelligence is not innate.

Kam realized that the right tools could help people develop genius and this started him on his journey of helping people improve mental performance.

Don't Rely On Our Natural Abilities

We come across something and think we won't forget, because it's important, but then we forget.

Repetition is Key

Memories are like new tracks that form in the brain.

The tracks don't deepen through importance, but through repetition.

We can do repetition through rote memorization, but there are other ways to use repetition also.

Some of these include: review, writing what we've learned, teaching it to someone else, and taking action on the information.

It is helpful to repeat the information we want to remember as soon as possible as often as possible and in as many ways as possible.


When we read, think about what we just read.

Calling it back to mind is a process called retrieval.

the challenge isn't in putting information is, it's in getting information out.

Retrieval is the practice of getting that stored information out.

Pay attention to what we want to remember.

What's going on internally competes with the information coming in. One thought may trigger new thoughts and ideas, and we may miss some information.

Taking notes improves memory and concentration : in order to write, we have to listen.

Top Tips

We forget quickly.

Unless we do something to remember, we'll forget.

Take action so that you remember.

Become an avid note taker.

"An idea not written down is an idea lost."

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