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How to Have More Family Adventures and Less Screen Time

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Jackson is a mom of five kids, ages 11 to 2.

She always wanted to be a stay at home mom.

She loves to have fun with her kids.

Adventures can be anything new where you are stepping out of your normal routine.


Change up lunch by having a picnic

Family bike rides

Find local events

Help Kids Use their Imaginations by limiting screen time

This forces them to do other things.

It leads to them playing together.

When traveling, there are limited distractions and limited toys.

It can force them to spend time together.

Screen Time

We can't cut out screen time entirely.

Kids need to learn wise computer use.

During the school year, their kids have limited use after school.

Family trips are also limited on screen time.

When they do get screen time, they strive for learning games or interactive play.

When they;'re turning into zombies, it's time to stop.

When kids are using electronics to create, they get a little more screen time.

Rebecca has found that more screens = more fighting.

Less screens = more time together and kids have to rely more on each other.


Adventures can be anything.

Add more fun to your family life.

Don't wait for adventures; create them!

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