What All New Teachers Need to Know

Alicia Sullivan works to coach new teachers through their first years of teaching. She knows that teachers often feel isolated and can get discouraged trying to set up a classroom and systems that work. Her experience as a classroom teacher, as well as learning from her colleagues, has given her valuable insight that will help all new teachers start off right.

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About Alicia

Alicia was the child of ta teacher and realized in college that was also what she wanted.

She has taught for 16 years, mostly lin 6th grade.

She left the classroom to coach new teachers who are mainly in their first and second year of teaching.

This has given her an amazing opportunity to influence students.


Two teachers working together, sharing students.

Each of the co-teachers had different strengths and learned from each other. They were able to help each other out.

Through this collaboration, they developed new skills and strategies.