How to Increase Emotional Intelligence in Yourself and Your Kids

Emotional intelligence expert LeeAnah James defines emotional intelligence this way: It's the ability to recognize and regulate emotions, and control the way your emotions influence others. As parents and educators, we need to model and teach emotional intelligence to the kids we have stewardship over. Listen to this great episode to learn how.

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LeeAnah James

LeeAnah James studied business administration and got her MBA in Project Management.

At her first job, she was the first and only woman to ever work at that location.

The manager told her that she didn't have high emotional intelligence.

LeeAnah took that as a challenge.

She decided to learn more and increase her own emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize and regular emotions, and control the way your emotions influence others.

Self awareness

Is the hardest part of Emotional intelligence

Is key to emotional intelligence

The Four Questions to Ask

Ask yourself these four questions

1. How am I feeling? ((Realize you are feeling something)

2. When did I start to feel this way?

3. Why did that shift occur?