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7 Things You Need to Stop Doing For Your Kids

Parents bring home a helpless infant and have to do so many things for them. It can be hard as they grow to know what to stop doing for them. Parenting author and podcast host Chanelle Neilson talks in this episode about 7 things to stop doing for your kids to help them become more self reliant.

Listen to the podcast here:

Here are seven things you can stop doing for your child to help them become more self reliant.

1. Stop doing your kids work around the house.

Give your children responsibilities to help clean up after themselves and to be responsible to help the family.

2. Stop buying all your kids' stuff.

Let your children practice budgeting and using money, rather than handing them money when they ask.

3. Stop making all their decisions.

Let your children have some autonomy: things like choosing what they wear, what to eat, etc. Give your children choices.

4. Stop shielding them from consequences.

Let your child live with the consequences of their decisions. If they don't wear a sweatshirt, let them be cold. If they don't bring their lunch, let them skip a meal. They will learn so much from letting their actions take the natural consequences.

5. Stop telling them to be careful.

Let your child explore, climb, play and even- fall down. This will help them develop the spatial awareness they need- and help them to become better climbers so they fall down less.

6. Stop leaving them out of family decision making.

Hold family councils sot hat your child is part of the decision making process in the family. Let your child see how adults work things out and resolve conflict.

7. Stop hiding your failures.

Apologize. Show that failures are p[art of growth. Create a family culture that celebrates failure.

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