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How to Teach Children Reading, Writing, and Kindness

As a former classroom teacher, April Emerson knows that what kids read matters. They get the messages that they read in books. April always had a desire to write, and after living in Hawaii for 3 years, she was inspired to write a book about the culture there- and why kindness matters. This episode will help parents and educators enjoy a good book while teaching the greatest lesson- kindness.

Listen to the podcast here:

In 2009, her husband was stationed in Hawaii for 3 years. They had never been there before. She wanted to experience every moment.

Her motto was “don’t waste a minute.”

On her first day there, she saw Diamond Head and walked there. She saw many sights she had never seen before. It was a wonderful place. She saw an ugly tree, but the branches on the tree were covered with beautiful flowers used in leis.

The story she wrote started that day and evolved over the years.

April taught high school english since 2001, including literature and writing, reading instruction and skill based instruction.

Teaching and writing go hand in hand

Used to read the dictionary.

Naturally drawn to writing.

Life is simple- it should be simple.

Be kind to each other.

Smile and say hello.

We can experience the world the way we want to experience it.

We share this world with other people; we just need to be kind.

Write for yourself.

Reading with Children

As a teacher and mother, it’s hard to separate yourself from that audience.

Imagined a child reading it with that parent

Responsibility to entertain, but more to share that message with the world.

First responsibility- I love what I do. Teach-write-create

When I write, I love the experience.

I like to read what I like to read.

Find out what the kids are interested in.

Every night she read to her son.

It was more than just reading; it was connection.

We Read the World

We think of reading as books, but we read the world.

If a child is reluctant to sit and read, teach them those skills in a way that relates to them.

Keep the conversation going.

Slow down and be mindful of the choices you make.

Reading and writing can be thought of narrowly.

Opportunities to read everywhere.

Enjoy language, play with language.

You already are a writer. Share!

It’s a big step but you will get energy.

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