8 Tips to Building Resilient Kids

Resilience is the ability to bounce back, to keep going when things are hard. As kids go off to college or away from home, many are struggling with the ability to handle the changes. Teaching our children resilience when they are young will help them to be more self reliant as they move out on their own.

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These tips come from Wendy Ulrich, PhD and Lyle J. Burrup, MSW in September 2019 Ensign.

1. Model good coping skills

How are we dealing with hard things in our lives? What are we showing our kids by our example about dealing with challenges?

2. Praise effort not just success

It's not just about the final product. We need to show our kids that we recognize their efforts.

When we do this, we are promoting a growth mindset and letting our kids know that what they did to get there is important. It can take away some of the fear of failure.

3. Praise more than you correct

As discussed in this podcast episode, give energy to the things our kids are doing right.

This helps them to be encouraged and know that they are on the right track.

4. Teach that mistakes and failures are part of life