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Push Past Challenges and Write What you Love

Brianna Chiles has struggled with epilepsy since age 10, having Grand Mal seizures regularly. She is still able to live her dream of being a writer and recently published her first book. In this episode, she talks about her experiences and shares tips for others writers.


Youtube preview: The Conversion of Captain Shortstuff by Brianna Chiles

Listen to the podcast here:

Brianna's Story

Brianna Chiles was unable to go to college because of her severe epilepsy.

She had her first seize at age 10 and has lived with Grand Mal seizures for the last 20 years.

Over time people have helped her and other authors have encouraged her to live her dream of being a writer.

She wrote her first book at age 13, which was published at age 23.

She continued to change her book over time. She edited her work as she realized what she needed less of and what she needed more of.

Writing Background

Brianna got into writing when she was young.

She would read 3 books a week.

She started out writing short stories , then started writing longer stories.

She wrote Christian fantasy stories and parables from the Bible.

Challenges to Writing

Writers Blog

When she is trying to write something based on reality and she has to stop and do research,

Going dry with ideas in fantasy

One solution she has found to this is to switch between two books at once.

Keep reading- you can get ideas from anywhere.

Encouragement for Young Writers

Write for yourselves.

Don't write what's popular or what every else is writing; write what you love.

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