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How to Stop Letting Tech Get the Best of your Family

Parents can't get away from tech these days- but we can get a handle on it and consciously decide how much we are going to allow in our homes. Cyber security expert Chelsea Brown is a master at getting parents and children to talk about electronics usage and find solutions that work for the whole family.

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About Chelsea

Chelsea Brown is a cyber security expert. At age 16, her parents came to her about cyberbullying and sexting issues.

She decided she wanted to protect her own family and other families from these issues.

The key with technology is to find a balance and create a safe place.

Healthy Tech Habits

Tech can help kids to calm down or it can make kids come unglued.

The key is understanding: what triggers your child?

Past behaviors predict future behaviors

Set boundaries around screen time.

Ask your kids to help you come up with rules.

Talks about when is too much too much.

It's not a dictatorship; come up with rules that work.

When is Tech a Problem

Can you take the phone away and they have a reaction?

Pay attention to your kids and understand their habits.

Be careful not to create a bad habit around electronics.

Creating Healthy Habits around Tech

  1. Have them help set up the rules.

  2. Tech is the rule enforcer, not the parents. Use parental controls and apps to turn off the device when needed.

  3. Redemption plan for when they mess up. Find ways for them to redeem themselves and natural consequences.

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