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Why Imagination Makes the Best Writers

Encourage your child to imagine and encourage them to write! Karen Cogan has seen the power of that in her own life. When she was young she used her imagination and came up with stories all the time. As an adult, she has published 42 books and counting. This episode is encouraging for writers, would be writers and parents of young writers.

Listen to the podcast here:

About Karen

Karen is passionate about education. She began working with kids when she was a teenager.

She taught elementary school for 19 years, focusing on Kindergarten and Pre-K- and she loved it!

She currently works with homeschooling her grandkids. She is able to choose curriculum based around their interests.

Writing All the Time

A prolific writer, Karen has 42 books published with more in the works.

She is currently working on a children's book series and a clean romance.

She started telling stories at a young age and her older sister would write them down.

Finding time to write was not always easy. With four young kids, she would write when the kids were having downtime or taking a nap.

When you have children, you sneak your time around that, Karen says.

The Process of Writing

Ideas are the fun part. It;'s a little more work to get them on paper.

I invent characters by watching people, or seeing an interesting location, Karen explains.

She says that she tells stories in her mind about what she sees around her.

Authors have crazy, vivid imaginations- start to wonder about the world around you.

First, she lets the story blossom in her head.

She answers all the questions that come up.

As soon as she can, she starts writing all the answers.

That develops into a synopsis.

She knows the basic plot without knowing all the details.

Start children early.

Encourage imagination.

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