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How to Have a Successful Parent Teacher Meeting

Meeting with the school to discuss your child's needs can be an emotional experience. Parent want what's best for their child, but are in a situation that is unfamiliar and can be uncomfortable. Meg Flangan helps parents to navigate this tough situaion. In this episode, she goes over ways to make those meetings as smooth as possible.

For more help, check out and get her "Talk to the Teacher" scripts.

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About Meg

Meg is a Special Education and General Elementary Education teacher.

She moved frequently for her husbands work and found that in many different schools, parents and teachers need help.As someone who understands the school system and what both parents and teachers are going through, she works with parents to help give them more confidence when working with the school system.

Her work is primarily helping parents of children with an IEP or 504 plan (children with disabilities or gifted children) to get the advocacy they need, especially in parent teacher conferences.

Tips for parents

1. Plan ahead

What are your concerns?

Where do you want to see your child?

Make a list of goals and concerns to help keep you on track.

2. Remove emotions

Take out "I feel..."

These are data driven meetings. "The data shows that..."

3. Remember that you are both working for the good of the child.

Put a picture of the child on the table to personalize the discussion.

4. Bring an Advocate

Bring someone with you, an advocate who understands the system.

If you can't bring an advocate, bring a friend.

5. Remain Polite

Limit your anger or your tears, which break down the relationship.

Talk about the data and the facts rather than the feelings.

6. Keep data and facts on hand

Parents have access to all school data and can request to see it. Ask for the school education record and get copies of it.

Bring agenda books and relevant emails from the teacher and administration.

7. Use the Sandwich Method

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