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How to Get Your Children's Book Published

How many times have you thought, I want to write my own children's book? But you haven't done it because there are so many obstacles in the way: finding a publisher, an illustrator, and more. What if you could outsource the hard work to a simple website and publish your own books that you could then use in your home, your classroom...or anywhere! That's the idea that our guest, Eliza Donovan had, and in this episode she shares just how to do it.

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About Eliza

Eliza has a Russian mom and an Irish dad.

She grew up in Russia, saw the breakup of Soviet Union and the creative backlash

Conducted choirs, and taught piano.

Decided to teach music, then started teaching English.

Became a parent and her view changed.

Writing as a Mom

She began coming up with songs, rhymes, and stories.

She wrote these down for her family, and wanted to publish them.

She saw self publishing platforms online but didn't find what she wanted.

Self Publishing

So she created a website where people can self publish their books.

There are many illustrations to choose from and pictures can also be uploaded.

Children's books are the most difficult to make from a publishing point of view.

Making children books is costly.

Teachers can use this site to make their own materials.

Teachers and parents can create highly customized products to fill their needs in an engaging and fun way.

If you've been secretly dreaming of writing a book, now is your opportunity.

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