The Best Program to Promote Literacy and Love

What can help our children learn to read AND develop a stronger bond between parent and child? Reading together when children are young. In this episode, librarian Sarah O'Brien discusses her love of reading and libraries and how parents can use a specific program to make sure they are helping their young children learn to love to read.

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Sarah O'Brien loves reading. Her parents read to her often when she was young.

Many kids stop reading around 4th grade.

Sarah wanted to be a nurse, but she switched to studying history.

A friend asked her about library school.

She lived near New York Public Library.

She decided to be a librarian.

She went to school and studied archiving in libraries.

She has worked in libraries for 9 years.

Children's Programs

Sarah worked in libraries while she was going to school.

She was asked to do story time.

She has learned from other librarians.

Story time isn't just about the books.

It includes play, singing, and movement.