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How to Take the Plunge to Homeschool

Some parents feel a little concerned about their children's education, but they aren't sure if homeschool is the best fit. In this episode with Alison Morrow, parents will learn about Alison's decision to homeschool and some of the common misconceptions about homeschooling. When parents are supported in their homeschool journey, they can create an optimal education experience for their child.

Alison's website:

Traditional Schooling

Alison taught elementary ed for three years. She taught middle school and then started homeschooling her own children.

She loved teaching but said that she never wanted her children in those seats.

She felt that children in the school had to conform.

They were missing creativity and nimble thinking.

There was no room for changing things up.

Schools need to meet kids where they are.

Misconceptions about homeschool:

1. Myths

2. How to get started

What decisions need to be made

What the options are

"Launch your own homeschool adventures."

Alison sees her role as an encourager.

The minute you become a parent, you become a teacher.

Parents need confidence and help finding resources.

Alison provides mentoring + coaching + resource partner.

She helps families find curriculum.

You can homeschool.

It has more to do with your why.

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