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How to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

Summertime is a great time to have fun and enjoy time with your kids, but at the same time, kids can forget some of the things they have learned and waste time. How can you keep your kids engaged and productive over the summer, while still having fun? This podcast givcves some ideas for how to structure those long summer days.

Listen to the podcast here:


Purpose of a summer structure is to let kids work toward their own goals

It keeps them learning over the summer, prevents boredom, and lets them be in charge of their own learning.

Loose Structure

Daily Items:

Tidy Room

Clean Zone




Personal Goal


Before summer, kids make a list of activities they want to do

They earn electronics based on the list.

Themed days

Monday: Crafts

Tuesday: Take a Trip Tuesday

Wednesday: Water Day

Thursday: Thinking Thursday (library day)

Friday: Friend Friday/ Freedom Friday

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