Teacher Series: The Best Techniques to Learn to Teach Better

When teachers understand the "why" behind what they are teaching, they can teach it to students in a way that works, helping them to understand and apply what they are learning. When they can put it into practice together in the classroom, real learning takes place.

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Rae Hughart is a 6th grade math teacher in IL. She is also the director for training and development for the Teach Better team.

Teach Better provides online trainings and in person professional development. They also have a podcast called Teach Better Talk. Rae says there is nothing that can compare to being face to face.

What do you wish you had known before you started teaching?

Rae didn’t love school. She wasn’t sure what career she wanted to pursue, but decided to be a middle school math teacher because that was her least favorite subject. When she got into her first year of teaching, she didn’t know how all the things she had learned fit together. It felt like the best case scenario could only happen if you had all the support and the parent and administrative help. She wondered if she could give her students all she wanted to give without being in a best-case scenario school environment.

Rae says she thinks she’s the only 6thgrade math teacher ever who got a D in 6thgrade math. She felt like if she could overcome that and teach it, she would be able to do anything.

Rae feels like she can bond with her students over struggling with math. When she can sit with a student and tell them that she has made all the same mistakes. It gives her a different perspective of working with students who struggle. She can bond with them. She is also able to help paren