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How to Start an Amazing In-home Preschool

Thinking of starting your own in-home preschool? In this episode, Chanelle shares her experiences setting up and running an in-home preschool for 8 years. You will learn how to structure the day and things to look out for to make it successful.

Listen to the podcast here:


When working with preschool age students, it is improtatnt to break up the day into periods of play and periods of instruction.

Keep sitting time short as young children have short attention spans.

When children are able to learn in a variety of ways, they will engage and learn more.

Daily Schedule

Our daily preschool schedule:


Children could choose from a variety of learning centers designed to help them learn certain things.

These could be theme related or skill focused (such as a manipulatives center to learn math skills and a cutting center to develop fine motor skills).


Through songs, children learn days of the week, months of the year, and practice counting and weather.

Movement Activity

Guided movement activities such as games or yoga.


Outside free play time.


Preceded by hand washing, children sat down for snack.


Teacher led instruction based on the theme. Lessons were often taught through song and play.

Activity/ Craft

Children worked on something to remind or further teach the lesson.


Read-aloud time.

Other Considerations

It's important to have parent policies in place so that parents and teachers are on the same page.

Make sure that you are following local licensing and accreditation laws.

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