Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

When kids won't eat, parents get desperate. Jacky knows this because as a child, she was a very picky eater! Adults in her life were desperate for her to eat and they tried everything. It wasn't until Jacky was on her own that she branhced out to eating new foods. Jacky's children's book mirrors her life: a picky ant gets bribed and pleaded with to eat, but doesn't have her moment of trying new foods until the pressure is off. This great episode will give you tips for picky eaters and a great book that will help too!

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Picky Eating

Jacky is a picky eating coach and an author. She went to school for early childhood education and wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. She couldn’t find a job after school. She found a job in Beijing, China. She was 23 and was a very picky eater. She ate the “kids menu diet.”

Her eating really held her back. She loved travelling and got the position in China. She felt like the only reason she wouldn’t take the job was because of the food. She ended up having a huge transformation. For the first time in her life, she tried everything on the table. Looking back, she realized that for the first time she wasn’t known as a picky eater. They didn’t know that was a fear that she had.

Helping Picky Eaters

That changed the trajectory of her life. She wanted to work with kids, but she knew she had different people she wanted to help picky eaters. That changed everything for her. She went through a health coach certification and wrote a children’s book about picky eating.

This book talks about feeling left out and wanted to be a part of everything, but not knowing how.

Keys to Success

The way the food was presented was on a circular table with a lazy Susan in the center. Each person was given a bowl and some chopsticks. Jacky says that she encourages having a family meal that everyone can try and sample each thing.

One of the biggest things was being able to pick and choose and having the freedom and flexibility. That is something we can model at home. We can separate each thing so that kids can pick and choose what they want.