The Book Series That Will Help Your Child Manage Big Emotions

Jenny was inspired to write a book series to help children manage their emotions after adopting two children who had suffered trauma in their early years. These children struggled to express and deal with their emotions. Through the use of rhyme and story, Jenny's books connect with children and help them to better understand their own feelings.

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The Grump on the Stump

Kyree Sue Our Bug-a-Boo

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About Jenny

She and her husband Larry have five children. Three are biological, and two are adopted. They were from social services in Utah.

They wanted to help them out because they had been in the foster care system. They found out that the children they had adopted had suffered from trauma during the first three years of their age. They had post traumatic stress disorder from their experiences.

Story Telling

She realized that the only way she was able to get through to these kids was through story and rhymes. They didn’t have the emotional intelligence to handle their feelings. Reading helped them learn better what was expected emotionally.

That helped her realize how important stories, especially rhyming stories, are for children.