How to Effectively Teach Different Ages in Your Homeschool

Marcy Loveless is a homeschool mom of 5 boys. As her kids have grown and she has added more students to her classroom, she has had to change the way she teaches. Her methods not only work with many grade levels, they also have gotten her kids excited about learning and doing better than ever at school.

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About Marcy

Marcy is a homeschooling mom of 5 boys ages 12 to 4. They live in Utah. They started homeschooling about 4 years ago.

Marcy blogs at

Choosing to Homeschool

Marcy was not against homeschool but she always said there was no way she would homeschool. She thought homeschoolers were fantastic but did not plan to be one herself.

After school got out, she had a feeling that they needed to homeschool their kids. She couldn’t let the feeling go, so she decided that she needed to do it.

Everything aligned perfectly. She had friends help her. She found a great curriculum that people suggested to her.

Learning Together

She feels like their homeschooling journey has been learning a little bit at a time.

They do a lot of things together. They learn a lot of things through songs. Even