How to Improve Test Scores and Retain Teachers

Laura Yates works as a multi-classroom educator. Her work in schools helps individual children to improve their reading and test scores, as well as helps teachers to be more effective in the classroom. This support leads to better schools and more teacher retention.

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Laura is a multi classroom leader. She has been in education for 12 years. She taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, and primarily math.

She wanted to be able to reach more students and to reach teachers. Her school district started a partnership with Public Impact and Opportunity Culture. Multi classroom leaders do instructional coaching and spend time with teachers and reach out to help students and teachers.

Multi classroom leader leads a group of teachers and helps them through lesson planning, modeling, and support within the classroom. She also pulls small groups from the classroom to fill in educational gaps.

Most of the students in her school come in below grade level at reading. Through testing, they see who needs intervention to get back to grade level. She provides intense lessons to get them back to grade level.

Students are aware of where they are at and where they need to learn more. They realize that extra help will help them meet their goals.

Teachers who don’t have the access to a multi-classroom leader are reaching goals at a 50% rate. When they have that help, they reach their goals at a much higher level.

Runs a weekly professional learning community meeting, they spend time digging into data, such as student work analysis. They look at which areas need to be retaught and which areas the students are already mastering. She helps them to teach effective lessons. That varies depends on the teachers needs.