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4 Ways Yoga Will Increase Learning in the Classroom

Yoga will help students in a variety of ways. It can help to improve concentration, memory, reduce stress and anxiety, and to learn body awareness and acceptance. This podcast will help you find ways to use yoga in learning environments--and help you understand the benefits of incorporating it often.

Listen here:

  1. Yoga Increases Self acceptance

Kids can build self esteem through non competitive sports

Builds body acceptance

Yoga focuses on non judgement- gives kids a sense of accomplishment because there is no way to do it wrong

Realize they can learn new things

Growth mindset

2. Yoga increases concentration

Focuses on the breath and being aware in the present moment

Learning new poses takes concentration

3. Yoga Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Breath work

Kids have increased numbers of stress and anxiety (1 in 8 kids have an anxiety disorder)

Studies show that yoga reduces cortisol

4. Improved memory

Yoga can help improve memory

This study shows the effect of yoga on memory:

“The study involved 25 adults ages 55 and over who had mild cognitive impairment, or problems with thinking and memory that sometimes precede Alzheimer's disease. The participants were randomly assigned to complete either a three-month course in yoga and meditation, or to practice memory-training exercises, consisting of skills and tricks already known to boost memory.

At the end of the study, the two groups saw similar improvements in their verbal memory, which is the type of memory used when people remember names or lists of words. But those who practiced yoga had bigger improvements in visual-spatial memory, the type of memory used to recall locations and navigate while driving.

The yoga group also saw bigger reductions in their symptoms of depression and anxiety than did the brain-training group.” Source

How to Incorporate into Classroom or Homeschool Learning

  • Yoga classes in place of P.E.

  • Brain breaks throughout the day

  • Keep it fun!

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