How Playing Sports Results in Girls' Success

Having girls involved in sports will improve their lives, their families lives, the community and education. The benefits of sports outweighs what is done in any one team. Lessons learned along the way are so valuable. Founder and CEO of Girl Boss Sports, Sarah Wolfer, joins us on the podcast to discuss the value of sports for girls.

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About Sarah Wolfer

Sarah Wolfer is the CEO and Founder of Girl Boss Sports - a Greater Seattle area soccer company that is devoted to female athletes and female coaches.

With 96% of female C-Suite executives playing sports during their teenage years, Sarah understands the positive impact that sports can have - particularly for girls!

Sarah is also a Professional Tackle Football Player with the Seattle Majestics and is working on a book centered on women in leadership and sports in 2019.

Additionally, Sarah is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in WA state and is passionate about breaking barriers that can hold women back, in sports AND in life.


Sarah grew up playing soccer.

She went to school in Miami and played soccer while getting her bachelors and masters in social work.

She has coached soccer for 15 years.


Sarah loves playing football and says she’s falling in love with the sport and is really outside of her comfort zone.

They recently released a series about the backgrounds of the women on the team and their backgrounds.

She loves the physical and mental components of the games.

Girl Boss Sports

Girl Boss Sports came about because of Sarah’s involvement with women’s sports over the years.

There are a lot of issues for women and girls.

There are two goals:

1. Keeping girls in sports.

Girls drop out at a fairly young age.

They have female coaches so that they know what it’s like to be a female athlete.

2. Increase the number of female sports coaches.

There are a small percentage of women sports coaches.

Life Success

Girls participation in sports lead to success later in life. There is a correlation between sports in school and career success.

Female Leadership

When Sarah was playing soccer, her coach was screaming at her.

She was proud of herself for not crying, but she ended up crying after she walked away.

She then got kicked out of practice.