How to Find Time to Write When You Are Busy

Connie B. Dowell wrote her first book when she was younger. She had time to think and plan and even get writers block. As a mom of two young kids, she no longer has the luxury of time. Yet she has still managed to publish two novels with more on the way. Learn her secrets for writing in the small spaces of time, tips for young writers, and what she wishes all writers knew.

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About Connie

Connie B. Dowell is an author of fiction and nonfiction for teens and young adults. Her fiction includes YA historical mystery, The Poison in All of Us, and YA heist comedy, The Orchid Caper. A former university writing center coordinator, she also authored You Can Love Writing: A Guide to Get through Your College Papers and Like It. Connie hosts a children's and YA literature podcast, Book Echoes. She lives in Houston with her husband and children, where both adults drink far more coffee than is probably wise.

Early Writing

Started writing as soon as she could pick up a pen.

Her parents would help her make books with old matrix paper.

She published her first book in 2014.

As soon as Connie realized that author was a career that was what she wanted to be.