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How to Teach Your Child to Use the Think Button

Kristin Johnson, author of "Ain't U Got No Manners?" wishes there was a think button to help people pause before they post online. Even without a think button, we can teach our kids to navigate the online space by stopping and thinking before they post.

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Kristin's Story

Kristin Johnson is the author of “Ain’t U Got No Manners?”

Kristin was homeschooled for several years.

It was an interesting journey.

She has always been a writer and writes many different things: screenplays, stories, fan fiction, articles, blog posts, etc.

Kristin had worked on a manners book years before.

Her editor was interested in the book being written with an update for internet manners.

Internet Manners

One of the cornerstones of the book is the “think button.”

Think: do you really want to post that?

Be careful with what you share on social media.

Pause and think.

Take a time out before you post anything online.

If we used the “think button” there wouldn’t be as many scandals. It would be a kinder, gentler sort of place online.

Share the Positive

We can share more positive things instead of promoting the negative.

Kids really have to navigate this.

If we use the think button, there would be a lot fewer consequences and a lot less heartache and pain.

Tips for Parents

It’s never too young to let kids know that devices can be fun and educational but also need to be kept in check.

Come up with a plan that works for the whole family.

It may need to be renegotiated as children get older.

Give our kids guidelines for how they participate online.

Open up the conversation and talk to kids about what they are seeing online.

The internet is a great tool and can even help kids with reading.

Recognize that social media has a place in our lives.

We need to control our use of it and not let it control us.

Older kids need to realize that if you post things, they are there forever. As parents we can help our kids post things that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about.

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