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How the Wrong Foods Make Learning a Challenge

When children have trouble behaving in school, or are unfocused or diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD, we often turn to medication and behavior management.

Cheryl Meyer suggests that it may be the toxic load in our children that is affecting their ability to concentrate in school. Learn how to get the toxins out of your home in this informative episode.

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When children aren’t healthy, they can’t learn at their full capacity. Getting the toxins out of our homes can improve their health and their ability to learn.

Cheryl's story

Cheryl had some health challenges.

She overworked and when she got older, everything hurt. Her doctor didn’t know what was wrong with her, but recommended steroids.

Cheryl began researching and ran across holistic medicine.

She discovered that she probably had immune disease, which was caused by leaky gut.

Steps to Improve Health

There were two things she could do which would improve her health.

1. Reduce stress (she was severely depleted in cortisol)

2. Reduce toxins.

Cheryl found that she had toxins in every aspect of her life.

Her food, her cosmetics, her medication, her water, her cleaning products, and more.

Where are the Chemicals?

To investigate where the chemicals are in your life, go to

The products that you are using are rated 1 to 10.

Cheryl began looking up everything and getting the toxins out.

Cheryl had tipped over on her toxic load and it had created disease.

Products are not regulated by the government, so we need to regulate ourselves and what we bring into our homes.

Toxic Load and Children

This is happening at a younger age because moms are passing their toxic load to their children at birth.

1 out of 2 children has a chronic illness, because it is being passed down by generations.

Their little bodies can’t handle it. Everything around them keeps adding to their toxic load.

Children feel the effects much younger. It is important to reduce the toxic load in your life.

Food quality matters

Eat organic because you don’t want the toxins of the herbicides and pesticides on the food you are feeding your children.

These are doused on the plants and aren’t washed off of processed food.

Eating organically keeps those chemicals out.

The chemical that is sprayed most on our food has now been shown to cause cancer.

It is helpful to use the dirty dozen list. This is a list of more than a dozen produce items that have the most toxic load.

Since children’s bodies are small, staying away from toxins is very important.

Choosing the Right Food for Kids

Processed food is loaded with these chemicals.

If you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it.

If you don’t know what it is, don’t buy it (ex. Natural flavoring)

Children need to eat real food.

Avoid fast food.

The most important thing you can do as a mother is cook. That way, you control what goes into their food.

Feeding them right allows their brains to function the way they were meant to.

Correlations have been shown between food coloring and ADHD.

If you feed your child real food every day, then your child has a good chance of staying healthy and having a healthy brain, as well as avoiding disease.

Sugar is a toxin. It contributes to behavior issues and is very addictive.

Lower Toxic Load

Lowering our toxic load is critical. When you can control it, do. When you can’t, don’t worry.

It’s about toxic load.

Enroll your child in the conversation, so they can be on board with eating right.

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