The Best Way to Prepare Your Child for School

Early Childhood Education is an important time for children. They learn so many things at that age. Erin Custer has worked for many years with preschool and Transitional Kindergarten students. She says that young children learn through play and engagement. In this informative episode, you will learn great practices for teachers and parents to help young children learn and thrive.

About Erin

Erin started her education at Cal State Long Beach. She wanted to be a teacher and got her degree in early childhood education. She worked at a preschool and then studied at National University to get her multiple subject credential.

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She started working at an early childhood education center where she taught Transitional Kindergarten and has now been working in a school for 6 years.

Learning through Play

Erin says it took a couple years for her to talk to administration and parents to get them on board with the idea of learning though play.

As a full time TK classroom, the students are there all day.

Her lesson plans use “morning tubs.” They have Legos to build with that show a pattern and kids can then build something to match the pictures.

There is a creation station with supplies for them to get creative.

They give suggestions for things kids can create.

Teachers guide their learning, but kids get to decide what to do and how to learn. It’s important for kids to have the opportunity to decide.

It’s a lot of hands on because kids learn when they’re engaged.