The Blueprint for Student Success

Matt LeBris was born and raised in New York. He has worked with Damon John of Shark Tank, and he speaks around the country about student success.

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Matt’s Education Experience

Matt struggled in his academic career. In elementary school, he was bored and unable to focus. He says he doesn’t know if he had any learning disorders, but he was focused on sports and that continued as he got older.

In certain subjects, he did really well. At other times, he just wanted to be the class clown and play around.

He didn’t get accepted to any high schools (he went to private schools), but was finally admitted. He was given a warning that he might get kicked out, so he transferred.

In college, things finally started to change. He realized that he needed to be more serious, but after 2 years, he failed out of college.

He heard some powerful words on a TED Talk: “Legacy over currency.”

He realized that it wasn’t all about money and that he needed to build his future in a different way.

It’s Okay to Fail

We’re all on different paths.

It’s okay to change your major; it’s okay to pivot. As individuals we’re consistently growing.