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5 Valuable Tips That Will Make Your Child a Great Reader

When children read, they succeed! School success has a lot to do with early reading habits. Here are 5 valuable tips that will help you incorporate reading in your family so that your child will become a great reader.

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These 5 ideas will help your child learn to love reading.

1. Silent Reading Together

Set aside time to read silently as a family.

Parents can create a comfortable atmosphere and make it fun by lighting a fire or getting out special snacks or drinks.

Family members can read for a set amount of time and then come together to discuss what they have read.

2. Read Out Loud Together

Introduce children to good books.

Schedule a time to read regularly.

Kids of all ages (and their parents) can enjoy reading aloud from children's novels.

3. Decrease Screen Time

If children are going to read, they need to have free time available to read.

When kids are bored, they will look for things to do.

Books can't compete with screens- screens are able to grab children's attention easier, so make it a non issue by having lots of screen free time.

4. Connect Books with Real Life

Discuss what your children are reading.

Look up unfamiliar words or objects online. Let your reading launch you into more exploration off the page.

Remind children of things they read about and relate them to their real lives.

5. Lead By Example

When children see their parents reading, they will be more inclined to pick up a book.

Parents show that they value reading by using their free time to read.

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