How to Choose the Right Preschool for Your Child

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When their family moved to Arizona, it cost 3 times the amount it had cost in their old home in Utah. She met some women who were running a preschool co-op. She was interested, but unsure if the moms would do enough to get her son ready for preschool.

She had her son enrolled in both preschool co-op and traditional preschool.

How Does a Preschool Co-Op Compare to Traditional Preschool?

Comparing the two, co-op was more fun.

There were more hands on activities.

There was more science. Her son was able to learn all the information. It was a more affordable and more fun way to get his preschool education.

What is a Preschool Co-op?

Preschool co-op is made up of a small group of parents with preschool age kids, and the parents each take turns teaching.

They would have each mom teach for a week, hosted at their house, once every six weeks.

They would rotate through the parents that were teaching.