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5 Ways to Teach Your Toddler that You Will Both Love

Toddlers are learning and growing every day. How can parents enhance their learning and help them explore their world- without resorting to screen time? This episode gives 5 ways to teach your toddler throughout the day.

Listen here:

1. Help Around the House

Young toddlers can help with simple chores and housework. This will train them and help parents to get work done throughout the day, as well as engage with their child.

Toddlers can:

  • Load the dryer

  • load the silverware

  • Hold the dustpan

  • Throw away trash

  • Pick up toys

2. Prepare Food

When toddlers are involved in food preparation, they are more likely to eat their meals. Parents are often concerned about safety and messes in the kitchen, but toddlers can be involved in food preparation in simple ways.

Toddlers can:

  • Mix

  • Pour/ Dump

  • Turn on appliances

3. Everything is an adventure for a toddler

Go at your child's pace. Let them explore and get deep into their play and their world. Try new ideas and let your child lead. Beyond toys, here are some fun ideas to try with your child:

  • Fill the sink with water and kitchen tools.

  • Tape a coin on your child's feet to make "tap shoes."

  • Challenge him or her to run to a specific location and run back.

  • Play Boo.

  • Explore their interests.

4. Quiet Games

There are times when your child will need to sit still and be quiet. Here are a few ideas:

  • Prepare- pack a bag with snacks and quiet toys.

  • Trace their hand on a piece of paper. Let them color it in.

  • Play "guess which hand" with snacks or toys.

  • Squeeze each finger in turn.

5. Read!

Read the words of a book together and use these fun reading ideas to make reading come alive for your toddler:

  • Talk about what you see on the page.

  • Point to the words you are reading

  • Ask your child to point to an object on the page.

  • Read the same books over and over (and over!).

  • Ask questions as you read.

  • Use the book to imagine with your toddler.

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