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The Best Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

Career and School success starts young. There are things parents can do in high school, middle school, elementary and even before their child ever starts formal schooling to prepare them for a career and help them know what jobs would be a good fit. Listen to this episode with Rockell Bartoli for great ideas of how to help your child succeed.

Listen to the podcast here:

About Rockell

She goes by Rocky when working with students. She earned her Bachelors in elementary ed. and her masters in school counseling. Has worked with students of all ages for many years. She now travels to different organizations to speak about student success and leadership.

More than a One time experience

After traveling and speaking, Rockell felt like she wanted her message to still continue to inspire the students she was speaking to. She made it a short read so that kids could fit it into their busy schedule. This book is a part of her that she leaves with her students to keep teaching them after she leaves.

Success Habits

In the book, she covers important habits that are important in her own life and she has observed in the life of others. For example , habit # 4 is using your resources. When students are struggling in college sometimes they don’t ask for help with finances or schoolwork when help is available to them. When students recognize that there is help available they can implement the help. Some of the habits are basic but if the students are able to start implementing them now, as they continue into adulthood, these habits will carry on.

Hands On Experience

Hands on experience can be easier said that done, but when students are able to participate in an internship or do community service, it gives them the exposure they need to start thinking about what they might like or be good at. Work as much as possible in the field that they think they might be interested in. shadowing a person for a day will give you a lot of insights. It takes a little researching and digging.


Assessments online or at the school can help students to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are and know what fields might work best for them. A combination of exposure, learning and experience can help your child kind of navigate and start thinking about what they really want to do when they leave high school.

Career Days

Check with the school for career days and career fairs. It happens less when kids are older. A presenter could come in a couple of times a month and just speak to some of the students. That constant exposure of seeing different options and opportunities makes a difference.

It can be helpful for older students to see local career and job opportunities. When schools build a partnership with community, it can benefit the school and the community.

For Young Children

Read different books. Read books that show boys and girls that they can be whatever they want to be. Find books that show our children that they can have they options. Have conversations that include their interests and expand their vision. When you see people in their vocations and careers, use those moments to talk about what they want to do when they grow up. Use those opportunities to talk about career.

When it comes to careers, no matter what age the kid is, ongoing exposure and conversation is key. Read as much as you can with your kids, expose them to new ideas. In high school, give them as many opportunities for internships so they know what they want to study.

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