The 5 Steps That Will Empower Your Child for School Success

Parents want to see their children do well in school, but often wonder how they can help. It's never too early to start teaching your children so that they are ready for reading and school, says Nell Secor. This episode will give you actionable tips to help your child learn to read and succeed as a learner.

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About Nell

Nell Secor has a background in education. She studied elementary education and has a Masters degree in curriculum and instruction.

She loves books and literacy.

She has a second MS degree in library and information science.

American Library Association developed a program called every child ready to read- encouraging and educating parents and caregivers to help children be successful in reading and in school.

The number one message is that the parent is the child’s first and best caregiver

Nell has been a children’s librarian for 9 ½ years.

1. Read

Reading is the single most important activity to get children ready to read.

It does many wonderful things to prepare them for reading success.

Books bring in new words and vocabulary. The more words kids have, the more successful they will be later down the road. It helps to develop imagination, and concentration. Reading begins at birth; you don’t need to wait. Start reading to them when you’re holding them on day one!

Reading develops a wonderful bond with child and caregiver, by sitting beside each other. It helps on so many levels, academic and beyond.

Reading also helps to develop empathy.