How to Help Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset

Zoie owns Hoffman tutoring group. They provide personalized tutoring to students. Zoie was moving a lot with her active duty spouse, so she started tutoring. She saw a need for great tutoring for professional educators in a way that was convenient for families.

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Growth mindset: knowing that your abilities and mindset aren’t fixed.

If you have a growth mindset you know that the effort you put in is going to grow their abilities and their brains.

Fixed mindset: if you get a bad grade, you decide you are dumb, at least in that area.

They buy into the idea that this is how they are and there is nothing they can do about it.

Growth mindset: if you get a bad grade, you know that you can change your effort level.

It can kind of get cemented into us that a certain thing is or isn’t our thing.

Even if you haven’t seen a lot of success with a certain thing, growth mindset means that you believe in your ability to improve.

Mistakes Help Us Learn

We want to transform the way we look at failure and mistakes. We sometimes hide our mistakes from our kids; but it is helpful to show our kids our failures and mistakes.