How to Teach Your Kids to Be Creative Writers

Kelli Warner is the author of the best selling novel, Not With the Band.

Kelli says: I’ve been in love with books ever since I could hold them in my hands. I have a ferocious imagination and writing seems to be the safest place to unleash it. My own foray into writing began early as I created simple short stories and soap opera scenes while my mom watched General Hospital.

Since the soap opera gig never panned out, I spent 20 years as an award-winning and Emmy-nominated TV newscaster and reporter, but quietly continued to pursue my passion for writing young adult and contemporary romance novels in the background. It's the ooey gooey mess that will always be my first true love.

When it finally occurred to me to make a choice between them, the answer was easy. I left my TV News anchor spot and shortly thereafter, published my first novel titled Not with the Band. I love reaching young audiences and hope they learn about how to overcome obstacles and look for the good when life throws unexpected changes at you.

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Young Adult Novels

Kelli enjoys reading young adult novels.

She says that the characters are young adults but adults enjoy reading YA novels also.

About 70% of all YA novels are read by adults. She thinks its because we like to relive our youth and the emotional stakes are really high.

Books are considered YA generally when the characters are of that 12-18 year old age.

Not With the Band has a music theme and an athletic themes, it’s a dual perspective, and the chapters alternate between two characters whose parents recently married each other.

The young man and young woman are in high school and Kassidy has to start a new life at a new school with a whole new family. Jordan, her stepbrother, is a talented athlete, but he loves music. They bond over their love of music.

The story is about their step-sibling relationship and about how they value family.